Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center

Hosted Buyer Programme

What is the Hosted Buyer Programme?

The Hosted Buyer Programme is for senior-level floral industry buyers who have been qualified for the IFEX Hosted Buyer application process to participate in an exclusive 3-day programme of activities.

How to apply

To register your interest for the Hosted Buyer Programme, please complete the Interest form at the end of this page.

Please read all the benefits and requirements carefully before applying.

Requirements for participating:

•Senior floral industry professionals with purchasing decision-making authority

•Must be willing to adhere to all Hosted Buyer programme commitments and attendance policies as per the terms & conditions

•Be able to provide references for business conducted in the last 6 months to 1 year

•Must have an intermediate level of English in order to converse with international exhibitors

Hosted Buyer Benefits

If you are successfully accepted onto the programme you will receive the following exclusive benefits and events organised by IFEX:

•Complimentary hotel accommodation in one of IFEX’s partner hotels for 2 nights

•Daily transfers from the partner hotel to the exhibition venue

•Personalised support with pre-scheduling matchmaking meetings with selected exhibitors

•Invitation to the highly exclusive networking party

•Opportunity to participate in new and exclusive Hosted Buyer events 

•Free access to overseas visitor lounge with refreshment

•Flower Base tour with free transportation and business lunch


Hosted Buyer Commitments

•Attend a minimum of 3 pre-scheduled matchmaking appointments with pre-selected exhibitors

•Prepare to arrive the day before the start of the event and leave only after the close of the show

•Complete Hosted Buyer & Company profiles in full

•Attend any mandatory Hosted Buyer events as scheduled

•Rate all appointments

•Complete the hosted buyer and official post show survey

Register as a buyer

Registering as a Buyer for IFEX is easy, simply complete the hosted buyer registration form.