Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center

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Gateway to Enter the Southeast Asian Market


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Comprised of domestic and international professional buyers from 31 countries


Distributors, traders and wholesalers


plantations, cooperatives and growers visiting for procurement


of Yunnan's large-scale plantation enterprises participated in the exhibition


Flower Associations and major flower markets organized delegations

What Exhibitors Say

Yunnan Yunxiu Flowers Co., Ltd.

Duan Jinhui, Chairman

"This year marks the important floral industry exhibition after a three-year delay. As a local floral enterprise in Yunnan, we never miss attending this event every year. This year's exhibition has been a visual feast for both exhibitors and consumers. The showcase of soilless cultivation roses has been outstanding, showcasing top-notch quality. Additionally, many growers have developed their own varieties, no longer solely relying on imports, which is a significant novelty. We have observed significant changes, whether in the professionalism of floral industry practitioners, the new developments in trading channels, or the remarkable performance of domestically produced roses, all indicating the vibrant and efficient development of the entire floral industry. We extend our gratitude to the various levels of departments for conscientiously constructing this floral exhibition platform, enabling more people to recognize our domestically produced high-quality roses. We wish the exhibition continued success and improvement!"


Yunnan Xilusi Horticulture Co., Ltd.

Yang Jia, General Manager

"The Kunming Flower Expo is an annual grand event in the Chinese floral industry. Xilusi, as a longstanding breeder from the Netherlands, focuses on breeding new varieties of roses and African daisies. We are extremely honored to participate. The Kunming Flower Expo serves as a one-stop platform for us to showcase new and superior varieties to both domestic and international clients. The exhibition visitors is well-targeted, the services are professional, which has further expanded the brand influence of Xilusi."

Yunnan Youke Green Agricultural Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Feng Shuqiong, General Manager


"We express our gratitude to the Kunming Flower Expo for providing a platform for communication and sharing within the floral industry. This edition of the flower expo has undergone new upgrades from previous years, including specialized technical exchange seminars and the continuous involvement of relevant enterprises, optimizing an internationally open and shared platform. Youke Green, as a company providing materials and comprehensive technical services, can serve more enterprises in need of floral planting technical guidance through this flower expo platform. Once again, we thank the Kunming Flower Expo and hope for its continuous improvement and success."


Yunnan Xin'an Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

Mo Liqiong, General Manager

"We extend our gratitude to the Kunming Flower Expo platform; the organizers provided excellent services, maintaining consistently high standards for the release and promotion of new excellent products. The quality of both exhibitors and visitors at this flower expo was advantageous, offering us a great opportunity to meet with clients. The exhibition achieved great results for our company, showcasing our flagship product - the holly, while also effectively promoting our brand. We sincerely wish the Kunming Flower Expo will be better and better, and the Chinese flowers can go global!"


Yunnan Leima Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Ma Weiwen, Chairman

"The Kunming Flower Expo, as a globally renowned floral exhibition, not only showcases the prosperity and vitality of the global floral industry but also provides a comprehensive platform for technical exchanges and product displays in the floral facilities industry. As a locally influential enterprise engaged in the production and sales of covering materials for facility agriculture, Leima participated with a specially designed booth this time. Our star products, such as Leima scattering films and Leima pond liners, were favored by numerous floral enterprises and cultivators, further enhancing Leima's brand influence. Together, we contribute to the innovation and development of the floral industry. We express great gratitude to the organizers for their meticulous preparation, providing such a high-quality and comprehensive showcase platform for enterprises and brands."


Kunming Fangde Borge Rose Flower Co., Ltd.

Lan Wanyun, Marketing Manager

"The Kunming Flower Expo serves as a significant platform for Yunnan's fresh flower industry to engage in external exchanges and collaborations. Fangde Borge, as a leading domestic company in fresh cut flowers such as roses, tulips, and lilies, feels extremely honored to participate. Our vision at Fangde Borge is to revolutionize the floral industry, bringing more beauty and enjoyment to our customers. Through the flower expo platform, we aim to introduce Fangde Borge to a wider audience, conveying the beauty of flowers to visitors. Wishing the expo continuous improvement and success."


Yunnan Ganbai Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

Yan Yujun, General Manager

"The Kunming Flower Expo has concluded successfully, and we extend our gratitude to the Yunnan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as well as the RX Group, for providing such a valuable opportunity. We are thrilled about our experience participating in this exhibition. This showcase provided an excellent platform for our agricultural facility equipment, allowing us to display our products and technical services to flower enthusiasts. We have established vital connections with professionals from the floral industry nationwide, laying a solid foundation for our future business development. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the organizers for their thoughtful planning and to all visitors for their active engagement. We look forward to future collaborative opportunities, continuing to offer high-quality agricultural facility equipment for the floral industry and contributing to the industry's advancement."


Crystal Holland,

Guo Yanchun, General Manager


"The Kunming Flower Expo is a significant floral event for Kunming. For Crystal Holland, as a global leader in post-harvest preservation of fresh flowers, this expo holds tremendous significance. It provides us with a platform not only for face-to-face communication with Kunming's growers but also for exchanges with flower industry professionals nationwide. This aids in emphasizing the importance of post-harvest treatment of flowers, fostering professionalism, focus, and ultimately enhancing the overall post-harvest quality. We hope the exhibition continues to improve and look forward to making more acquaintances within the floral industry at the expo!"


Yunnan Lufeng Qinpan Modern Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Chen Li, Chairman

"We are highly willing to participate in such an international floral exhibition, as it not only allows us to showcase our floral products but also share our professional knowledge and innovative concepts. Moreover, it enables us to better understand market demands, stay in touch with industry trends, and establish connections with potential clients and partners. The high-quality flowers and modern cultivation systems we showcase reflect our company's dedication and passion for the floral industry. We also look forward to broadening our vision through this exhibition and sharing our concepts and achievements with a wider audience."


Shanghai Plask Plastic Co., Ltd.

Pavlos Verroios, Chairman and General Manager

"The Kunming Flower Expo, catering mainly to Yunnan's floral production enterprises, highlights the professionalism and specificity of the exhibition, focusing on Yunnan as a prominent player in the entire floral planting, production, and export industry. Shanghai Plask, a 50-year-old agricultural film production company serving globally, is highly interested in participating in such specialized exhibitions. We have been participating in the Kunming Flower Expo annually for 15 years, from 2008 to 2023. The exhibition's professionalism has been increasing year by year, attracting a growing number of professional attendees. Companies from across the nation in the floral industry and greenhouse materials sector continue to attend. We are deeply grateful to the organizing committee for providing this platform, allowing us to promote and communicate our expertise better. We wish the Kunming Flower Expo continued success and prosperity."

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