Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center

Target Buyers

1. Distributors, Traders, Agents

2. Florists and Retailers

3. Electricians, Importers and Exporters

4. Micro-Businesses, Community Group Purchase Leaders

5. Growers And Flower Industry Related Practitioners             

6. Municipal Engineering Buyers

7. Domestic And Foreign Corporate Buyers

8. Flower And Gardening Enthusiasts

9. Gift Companies 

10. Wedding Companies

Why Exhibit

1. Located in Kunming, a new first-tier city with a high potential for flower consumption

2. Located in Southwest Flowers' distribution city, radiating southwest and northwest emerging markets

3. Gathering professional customers such as planting bases, wholesalers, florists, electricians and traders

4. Deeply cultivated in the flower industry for more than 10 years; rich business resources at home and abroad 

5. Integration of cross-field resources, synchronization of gift, department store, and home buyer data push

6. Excellent platform for order trading, brand promotion, and new product launch.

7. The Kunming Municipal Government clearly supports the development of a modernized flower industry and actively leads its development

8. Precise matching of industry partners 

9. Enhance brand awareness and reputation

10. Abundant activities and professional forums on site, gathering the industry's cutting-edge information and trends

11. High-quality technology-sharing and peer exchange opportunities