Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center

Why visit?

  • Insight into the development trends of the flower industry and new varieties of flowers
  • Open up to new supplier resources and new business ideas
  • Precise matching of flower and related industry partners
  • Realize cross-field resource integration
  • On-site activities and professional forums to gather cutting-edge information and trends in the industry
  • High-quality technology sharing and peer exchange opportunities
  • View the world from Kunming and compete with the world's floral masters on the same stage
  • Co-located with the Gift Fair, explore cross-border opportunities

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What Visitors Say

Hua Ge

"Fantastic! This year's exhibition has gathered Yunnan's floral industry, ranging from small to large-scale enterprises, showcasing the high level of the region's floral industry, spanning from fresh flowers to preserved blooms. Notable figures from the industry, including media platform representatives, have been invited to share insights on the development trends and regulations of various media and platforms, guiding professionals in the industry. The exhibition, featuring diverse formats from offline to online, has bridged the gap between traditional practitioners and platform anchors, bringing closer ordinary practitioners, consumers, and celebrity influencers."


Xiang Yu (ColorfulRoad)

“This is my first time attending the Kunming Flower Expo. Stepping into the exhibition hall, the overall purple theme harmonizes with the posters, backgrounds, and guest name tags, creating an elegant and attractive atmosphere. Although I've been to several floral exhibitions before, the Kunming Flower Expo still gives me an urgent sense of exploration. Plants, materials, floral components, and the sharing of experiences - even after more than a decade in the industry, I find it refreshing and fascinating. The large flower installation at the entrance is eye-catching, much like Kunming's sunlight. Looking forward to the next visit."


Frivolous Gardening

“The scene at the Kunming Flower Expo is becoming increasingly sophisticated, featuring panda hotspots and local peacock characteristics, which are more in line with the consumer market. Nowadays, the Kunming Flower Expo has completely moved away from the previous extensive product exhibitions at the place of origin. China's Yunnan flower market has become more commercialized!"


Xu Jiayi (Hu Hua Shi Zhe)

“This year's Kunming Flower Expo left a very deep impression on me. From start to finish, the exhibition was bustling with crowds. I went through all three exhibition halls multiple times, discovering several new products that I hadn't seen before and also found many excellent new suppliers. The exhibition was meticulously organized, especially in terms of selecting exhibitors. It gave me the impression that Yunnan's upstream supply chain is truly exceptional.”


Zi Yan Floral Art

“The 3-day Kunming Flower Expo has come to an end. I was fortunate to attend and was amazed by many large and impactful displays. It truly lives up to its reputation as China's largest flower base in the Spring City, Kunming. Additionally, I had the opportunity to listen to many industry-leading experts share their insights. Whether it was about floral art techniques or flower shop operations, it was all very informative and worthwhile!"


Siqin Flowers

“It was an honor to be invited to the Kunming Flower Expo and bring the most authentic exhibition experience to my fans through live streaming on Douyin. The scale of this flower expo was magnificent, meticulously planned, and the entire venue was neatly arranged. I appreciate the organizers for their thoughtful preparation of an independent broadcasting room for Siqin. Through this exhibition, I made new connections with suppliers and dared to explore preserved flowers, which I previously hesitated about. The live streaming broadcasted this splendid event to audiences across the country, allowing those who couldn't attend in person to experience the beauty of flowers. Looking forward to seeing you again next year!"